“Because of Pure Public Relations’ extensive connections and creativity, EVOS’ Restaurants have been able to get the kind of coverage they deserve on a regular and consistent basis.  They are always thinking on their feet and ideas always seem to flow freely and easily. We really like their personal approach to our brand.  With Pure Public Relations we always feel like they are an integrated part of our team.”

Dino Lambridis
EVOS Restaurants

“My experience with Pure PR and Marketing has been first-class all the way. Tara is extremely responsive, thinks outside the box, and goes completely out of her way to take care of her clients. Her personalized attention, passion, and enthusiasm are unmatched and her dedication to our overall PR and marketing strategy has been instrumental in our success.  I would highly recommend Pure to anyone looking to grow and expand their business.”

Dave Burton
Pizza Fusion and Berryism Restaurants

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Scottsdale Leadership Proud to Participate in Arizona Gives Day, April 9
April 7, 2014

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – (April 2014) – Scottsdale Leadership Inc. is one of the nearly 1,000 nonprofit organizations expected to participate in Arizona Gives Day, an online fundraising initiative, scheduled to take place on Wednesday, April 9, 2014. …

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Tip #2 of the Fabulous Five! – What Your PR or Marketing Consultant Needs from You to Jump Start Your PR & Marketing Efforts
April 7, 2014

What Are Your Competitors Doing? Why does it Matter to Me?

As promised, we have committed to helping those of you who are gearing up to jump start your marketing as the economy begins to recover and you find you have …

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